How to download Torrent via Proxy

We can download files from torrent via proxy server if proxy server/firewall allows non standard port for TCP communication. The following steps should be followed.

  • Install\Update to latest µTorrent build.
  • Ensure ports are forwarded for bit torrent  (non standard port recommended).
  • Options >> Preferences >> Advanced >> bt.transp_disposition set to 255
  • >> Bit Torrent > Protocol Encryption > Outgoing: Forced >> Check Allow Legacy Connections.
  • >> Connection >> Set µTorrent forwarded port.
  • >> General >> Associate µTorrent associations >> Install IPV6.
  • Click OK.
  • Vista/Windows 7:  Goto Start > Run, write  services.msc & Run.
  • Set IP Helper Service to Automatic and ensure it is started.
  • Restart µtorrent, ensure port is forwarded.

That’s all, ENJOY!