Hyper Terminal in Linux (gtk-term)

GTK Term is a GNU Clone of Hyper Terminal program for Serial Communication. U can install GTK Term from its Source by following some easy steps.

  • Download GTK Term 0.99.5 source from Softpedia or GTK Term 2-0.2.3 source from SourceForge
  • Download VTE 0.20.4 from Softpedia. It’s a prerequisite of GTK Term.
  • Extract GTK Term source & VTE source using Archive Manager
  • Copy “vte-0.20.4” folder into gtkterm-0.99.5 folder
  • Create an Empty file named it “do-all” in gtkterm-0.99.5 directory
  • Open terminal from top panel [Applications -> System Tools -> Terminal]
  • Change the directory. Suppose u have extracted gtkterm-0.99.5.tar.gz in /root/Desktop, then write “cd Desktop/gtkterm-0.99.5″ without cotes in terminal & press Enter.
  • Change the permission of the file “do-all” by typing “chmod 777 do-all” in terminal & press Enter.
  • Write the following lines in “do-all” file & save it.

#! /bin/sh
cd `pwd`

  1. install vte

cd vte-0.20.4
./configure && make && make install
make distclean
cd ..

  1. install gtkterm

./configure PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig
make && make install
make distclean

  1. Copy vte libraries

cp /usr/local/lib/libvte.so.10* /usr/lib

  1. Creating Desktop Link

cd $HOME/Desktop
link="GTK Terminal"
> $link
echo "[Desktop Entry]" >> $link
echo "Version=1.0" >> $link
echo "Encoding=UTF-8" >> $link
echo "Name=GTK Terminal" >> $link
echo "Type=Application" >> $link
echo "Terminal=false" >> $link
echo "Icon[en_US]=gsd-xrandr" >> $link
echo "Exec=gtkterm" >> $link
echo "Name[en_US]=GTK Terminal" >> $link
echo "Icon=gsd-xrandr" >> $link

  • Now,  just run the file “do-all” by double clicking the file & Press “Run in Terminal”
  • That’s all. U will get a Link “GTK Term” in Desktop to run GTK Term.

This “do-all” script work accurately for gtkterm-0.99.5 & vte-0.20.4. U must change version numbers according to the version of vte-x.xx.x & gtkterm-x.xx.x if u have different versions of those source packages.