Fixing GRUB Bootloader after Installing Windows

Windows installation overwrites the MBR of your HDD where GRUB Previously installed if u install any distribution of LINUX. “Super GRUB Boot Disk” is useful to fix GRUB and make ur LINUX Distribution Boot able.

Download Super GRUB Disk 0.9797 from softpedia

write the image using “Copy entire disk” [in case of Nero Express]
Boot the disk
select “Super GRUB Boot Disk” press Enter
select “Choose Language & NO HELP” press Enter
select “Super GRUB Boot Disk” press Enter
select “English Super GRUB Disk” press Enter
select “GNU/LINUX” press Enter
select “Fix Boot of GNU/LINUX” press Enter
after SGD is Succeeded
Select Reboot P.C.

You r done, thats all.